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Do Squats Make Your Butt Bigger?

These Are the 7 Exercises You Should Do If You Want a Bigger Butt, According to a Trainer

Do Squats Make Your Butt Bigger?
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Don't get me wrong, squats are a great lower body exercise for anyone looking to improve their strength. But if your goal is to build muscle and, as a result, get a bigger butt, you shouldn't rely solely on squats.

If you've ever performed squats, you've probably felt your entire lower body working. Although squats are a great lower-body exercise, the primary muscle group worked are your quadriceps. Your glutes, hamstrings, and calves are also firing when you squat, but if your goal is to get a bigger butt, you should incorporate more glute-specific exercises into your workouts.

There are lots of moves to choose from, and ahead you'll find a few that I use with my clients and in my own workouts. As always, these are just recommendations and you should always speak with an expert who knows your contraindications and goals, such as a trainer, before trying anything new. Friendly reminder: don't do these moves all together in one workout. Instead, speak with a trainer who can help you program them into a strength workout.

Don't forget to fuel your body, rest and recover, and manage your stress levels. These factors all come into play when building muscle anywhere on your body. If you're ready to start strengthening and developing your butt muscles, check out these booty-building moves ahead.

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