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How to Nail a School Lunch That Speaks to Your Kid’s Personality

When you’re trying to get everyone up, dressed, fed, and out the door in the mornings, packing a lunch is probably the last thing on your mind. If you’re inclined to toss a sandwich and some snacks into a brown bag and call it a day, you’re not alone — pretty much every parent has been there.

Not every kid is going to be excited about the same basic sandwich, though.

If you want to pack a lunchbox your child will actually look forward to opening, you have to base it on their personality: a picky eater who hates greens won’t be thrilled with make-your-own lettuce wraps, but a creative artist-type might be. Take some inspiration from these four school lunch ideas for four different kids, and get ready to give your little one’s typical packed lunch a makeover. Read more here.

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Looking to fill up your child's lunch box? Want to have a few snacks on hand that even the most discerning palettes will appreciate? Well, you need fruit snacks, yummy protein bars, juice boxes, and, of course, cheesy crackers. Because is it really snack time without cheesy crackers? We think not.