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Healthy Thanksgiving Breakfasts

Eat 1 of These Light and Clean Breakfasts, Then Go Ham For Thanksgiving Dinner

Healthy Thanksgiving Breakfasts

I've developed a new tradition with my family of making a superclean (but delicious!), light, and healthy breakfast while cooking holiday meals (Thanksgiving dinner, chiefly). When we've got some seriously indulgent feasting on the agenda, we don't want to totally overdo it and leave our bodies feeling not-so-great. While we'd never skip our favorite treats, no matter how heavy or sugar-laden they are, we also know if we eat like that all day, we'll be left in a food coma with some digestive woes (and that's on the luckier end of the spectrum).

The new game plan usually involves a morning walk or run on the beach, some fresh-squeezed juice and spice shots (this immunity shot with turmeric is our favorite), and a clean but filling breakfast that'll keep us energized while we cook and bake up a storm for supper. It's become my favorite part of the holiday routine, and you can apply it to any kind of big dinner plans! If you've got a birthday dinner or celebration on deck, then try any of these healthy recipes to fuel you while going easy on your diet. Then, of course, bon appétit!

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