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The Best Halloween Costume Ideas For 2021

We're Calling It Now! Here Are 2021's Buzziest Halloween Costume Ideas

The Best Halloween Costume Ideas For 2021
Image Sources: Everett Collection, Netflix and YouTube user The Weeknd
  • What to wear for Sarah Cameron: It's all about beachy casual looks for the entire group. For Sarah, pair a floral bikini top with an open Hawaiian shirt and some denim shorts.
  • What to wear for Kiara: To dress as Kiara, think cool graphic tees, cutoff denim shorts, crop tops, and even cozy jackets.
  • What to wear for Pope Heyward: You'll need a backward baseball cap with a T-shirt and an open short-sleeved button-down over top to channel "the brains of the operation."
  • What to wear for JJ: For surfer JJ, go shirtless (or wear a loose tank) with swim trunks and a shark-tooth necklace.
  • What to wear for John B: The key to John B's look (besides his Hawaiian-printed shirts)? A classic navy bandana he wears around his neck.
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