50 Fun and Challenging Dumbbell Workout Videos — All in 1 Place!

You know you should be strength training to build muscle, but if you're at a loss for where to begin — and you have a set of dumbbells — here are 50 videos you can follow along with. From 10 minutes to 45, from arms to booty, these workouts will help you reach your goals.

30-Minute Flat-Ab and Toned-Booty Workout

Strengthen your abs and build your booty with this 30-minute workout featuring signature moves and combinations from Barry's trainer Astrid Swan. You don't need any equipment, but you can add a pair of light free weights for an extra burn.

Work Your Entire Body in 30 Minutes With This Dumbbell Workout

You'll feel strong after this 30-minute dumbbell workout from Barry's trainer and MoveWith coach Ingrid S. Clay. You'll be doing squat jumps, side skaters, and tuck jump burpees (oh yes . . . they are challenging but fun), so you'll get your heart rate up, too! This workout will definitely push you past your limits, but Ingrid will motivate you throughout. Grab a pair of five- to 15-pound weights, depending on where you are in your fitness journey.

This 30-Minute Full-Body Strength-Training Workout With Weights Will Pump You Up!

Get ready for a full-body strength-training workout with Nike Global Master Trainer Betina Gozo. This workout includes circuits that will challenge and strengthen every muscle in your body. Grab a pair of medium weights, anywhere from eight to 20 pounds, and get ready for circuits that include tempo squats, single-leg deadlifts, and plyo skaters.

This Tone It Up Workout Is a Full-Body Burner!

Get ready to have a blast with this boot camp from Tone It Up cofounders Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott. All you need is a pair of light free weights to work your entire body. This sweet sweat sesh combines strength-training moves —think deadlifts and all kinds of squats — with cardio moves like plyometric skaters.

10-Minute Beginner Workout — All You Need Is 1 Dumbbell

Whether you're new to working out or coming back after a break, like cancer survivor Rachel Rhee, who is showing modifications in the video, these exercises will leave you feeling strong. Grab a single dumbbell, and get ready to fire up your muscles with this 10-minute beginner workout.

Work Your Legs and Core in 1 Killer Workout

Take 30 minutes to build stronger legs while toning your core. The first 20 minutes of this workout are about standing moves, like lunges and squats with rotation, to target your legs and activate your core. We throw in some heart-pumping cardio moves, like sumo squat jumps and side skaters, to increase your calorie burn before the final floor circuit, which focuses on your backside. Grab a pair of medium dumbbells, and have fun!

Build Muscle While Burning Calories With This 45-Minute Workout

Get ready for a cardio-intensive workout with a bunch of strength training thrown in for good measure! Grab a set of medium dumbbells, press play, and get ready to work.

Kayla Itsines Will Work You Out in 28 Minutes With This Killer Circuit

Kayla Itsines, trainer on the Sweat app, created this full-body circuit workout using weights — dumbbells and kettlebells — that's guaranteed to get you sweaty.

Possibly Our Most Challenging Workout Yet! 30-Minute HIIT With Weights

You up for a serious challenge? Then try this calorie-torching HIIT workout from Equinox trainer Anja Garcia.

Challenge Yourself to Burn 300 Calories in This 30-Minute Workout

Grab a pair of medium dumbbells, and get ready to work through a series of cardio, strength training, and metabolic-conditioning exercises. You're going to love how you feel at the end of this 30-minute workout.

It's Arms and Abs Day With This 10-Minute Barre Workout

FlyBarre instructor Brandon Goodman keeps the pace quick so you have no chance of getting bored during this 10-minute workout. Grab a set of light weights, between one and three pounds, and a mat.

Once You Work Your Abs Standing, You'll Never Go Back to Crunches

Skip lying on the ground and give this 10-minute ab workout a whirl. Adding a dumbbell to the workout makes it even more effective.

This 15-Minute Arms-of-Steel Workout Will Build Serious Upper-Body Strength

Get ready to build arms of steel with this 15-minute workout. All you need is a set of medium dumbbells, and we'll help you strengthen and sculpt your biceps and triceps.

Cardio Dance Meets Yoga in This High-Energy Workout

Get ready to soar to new fitness heights with this 30-minute Take Flight workout, which mixes yoga and cardio dance with an EDM soundtrack. Created by Sydney Benner, this sweat sesh is high-energy fun that will burn serious calories while toning your entire body. Grab a set of light hand weights, between one and three pounds, and a yoga mat.

This 30-Minute Jennifer Lopez Workout Is Intense and Intensely Fun!

Here's a full-body workout from celebrity fitness trainer David Kirsch. Get ready for your muscles to shake and burn — it's intense. You can do this workout without equipment, but you can make it more challenging with gliders (or hand towels) and a set of light dumbbells.

Boost Your Mood With This Fun 30-Minute Workout

This at-home cardio and strength-training workout will get your blood pumping, strengthen your entire body, and put a smile on your face! All you need for this workout is a pair of light to medium dumbbells.

45-Minute Workout From Selena Gomez's Trainer to Tone and Sculpt Your Entire Body

Tone and sculpt your entire body with this sculpting workout from Selena Gomez's trainer Amy Rosoff Davis. Mixing Pilates, cardio, and yoga, this workout keeps you on the move for 45 minutes to create long, lean muscles. Grab a set of light dumbbells and a bottle of water, and get ready to pulse and sculpt.

Burn 200 Calories in 20 Minutes With This Quick Workout

If your schedule is feeling tight, don't skip your workout. We have made a quick calorie-burning workout just for you. In only 20 minutes, you can burn up to 200 calories. So grab a set of five-pound dumbbells, and press play.

20-Minute Toned-Arms and Abs Workout

Barry's trainer Astrid Swan brings you the ultimate combination of multitasking arms and abs exercises. This workout will target both areas for an effective and efficient workout in just 20 minutes. Grab a pair of light free weights, and let's do it!

A 20-Minute Workout to Sculpt and Tone Your Entire Body

This workout from trainer Autumn Calabrese builds on this principle by adding isometric holds to strength-training moves.

Tone Your Entire Body With This Cardio and Strength Pilates Workout

Tone every inch of your body with this full-body cardio Pilates workout with Lisa Corsello, founder and owner of Burn Pilates.

A Total-Body Workout to Build Metabolism-Boosting Muscle

You need to build some muscle to boost your metabolism, and this total-body workout will do just that.

Torch 300 Calories in 30 Minutes With This Cardio Boot Camp

Maximize your sweat session by mixing cardio with strength training. This combo burns calories while building metabolism-boosting muscle, and we call that a winning combo. Try this tried-and-true workout for yourself with this 30-minute cardio boot camp.

Your Going to Love This 40-Minute "Tone You All Over" Workout

Tone your entire body with this mix of cardio, bodyweight, and dumbbell exercises from LA-based celebrity trainer Jenn Glysson. She leads an intense workout but offers modifications for all the moves.

Body-Sculpting Workout to Get Your Heart Rate Up

This 20-minute workout will raise your heart rate to burn serious calories while toning and strengthening your entire body.

Boost Your Metabolism in Just 20 Minutes

Make the most of your next sweat sesh with this 20-minute metabolism booster that keeps your heart rate up to burn calories while building lean muscle.

Get Fit Fast With This Cardio Sculpt Workout

Burn some fat and sculpt some muscle with Jeanette Jenkins, aka The Hollywood Trainer, whose clients include Pink and Alicia Keys. This 30-minute workout mixes cardio with strength training for the ultimate sweat session.

Whether You're a Beginner or a Pro, This Workout Will Tone Your Entire Body

This strength-training workout will increase your heart rate and tone your entire body.

Fast and Furious Calorie Burn: 15-Minute Full-Body Workout

Short on time? Then this is the workout for you. Autumn Calabrese, creator of the 21-Day Fix, shortened her signature Dirty 30 Workout just for us. It may only be 15 minutes long, but every second is designed to tone you all over while keeping your heart rate up.

Work Your Entire Body Without Having to Get Off the Floor

Feeling a little low-energy? Like can't even get off the floor? We totally get it, but you can still work out. We created this quick 10-minute floor workout for days just like this. You might be surprised by how much you can work your muscles on the floor!

Try Demi Lovato's Workout With This 30-Minute Sweat Sesh

We're big fans of Demi Lovato, and after working out with her trainer, Kim Glass, we're big fans of her, too. As a former Olympian — she won silver playing indoor volleyball — Kim knows a lot about working out the entire body efficiently and effectively. Grab a set of medium weights and two towels to use as gliders (or paper plates if you're working out on carpeting).

20 Minutes and Done! Full-Body HIIT Workout

Celebrity trainer and Barry's instructor Astrid Swan McGuire created this 20-minute scorch session that works every muscle in your body.

Strong, Toned, and Fit Full-Body Workout

Get ready to work your entire body in 30 minutes! You'll love these effective moves!

A 20-Minute Fit and Sexy Workout For Your Entire Body

Grab a set of weights and get ready to work your entire body, in just 20 minutes — warmup and cooldown included. We stack the circuits in this sweat session, adding a new exercise to each round. It keeps it interesting, not to mention challenging!

10-Minute Workout to Tighten the Arm Jiggle

Here's a 10-minute workout to tone your arms with extra focus on the triceps.

300-Calorie-Burning Video Workout

This 30-minute workout keeps you moving, mixing cardio moves with weightlifting to maximize your metabolism. To burn those 300 calories, you're going to have to push yourself. But we know you're up for the challenge!

20-Minute Flat-Belly and Toned-Arms Workout

We like to think of this workout as a two-for-one! We're going to work your abs and arms with a bunch of multitasking moves that target both areas and more.

Tighten and Tone Your Arms With This Quick Workout

It's time to work those arms to tighten and tone the biceps and triceps while sculpting shapely shoulders, too. This is the ultimate workout for strong and sexy arms.

Spend 45 Minutes Sweating With Jake, and You're Going to Work It All

There is no time to get bored in this quick-paced, 45-minute workout with Jake DuPree.

Torch Calories With This Cardio and Toning Boot Camp

Barry's trainer Allie Cohen keeps things moving by mixing strength training with cardio moves in this eight-exercise circuit workout.

The Secret to a Bigger Butt Is This Workout!

This workout is perfect for getting a bigger, stronger booty, as well as toning whatever assets you've got.

Reveal Your 6-Pack With This Fat-Blasting, Ab-Sculpting Workout

Celeb trainer Idalis Velazquez keeps you moving and inspired for this 10-minute workout! It's full of killer combination moves that strengthen your abs from all angles while getting your heart rate up to torch calories.

30-Minute Flat-Belly Pilates — Cardio Included!

We're bringing you Pilates Platinum founder Heather Dorak's cardio Pilates workout! It's a kick-butt workout that, along with raising your heart rate to burn some calories, focuses on the abs. If you want to amp up your workout, grab a set of light dumbbells.

The Workout You Need to Tone Up: Full-Body Burner

This at-home workout will leave you dripping with sweat and toned all over. Plus, you keep moving throughout the 30 minutes to burn serious calories while building metabolism-boosting muscles.

Sexy-Arms and Sleek-Shoulders Workout

This quickie five-minute workout, created by celebrity trainer Astrid McGuire, will burn out your biceps and triceps to sculpt arms you will want to show off, no matter the season.

10-Minute Leg-Sculpting Hot-Pants Workout

Sculpt lean, strong legs with a short and challenging workout. This 10-minute video combines strength training with plyometrics to tone your lower body while blasting calories.

You're Going to Love This Full-Body Fat Blaster!

Here's a 30-minute fat scorcher created by Becky Jennings, founder of the Balance Method.

Bye-Bye, Bra Bulge! Your 10-Minute Workout

No one move will make back fat disappear — decreasing the overall percentage of body fat is key for that. But keeping your upper back and the area around your shoulders toned and tight will help diminish that pesky bra bulge, so try this 10-minute workout.

Get Cut and Lean With This 20-Minute Super Shred

With this 20-minute workout, trainer Christine Bullock will lead you through a full-body workout where every move is designed to work multiple body parts at once.